QAARDAN UK LIMITED in collaboration with QAARDAN EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION and ACADA PLUS has launched an Integrated Online School Performance platform that provides information that will empower you and bring your school in alignment with 21st century technological advancements of leading schools.

We have observed that there is a knowledge gap with school owners and administrators when it comes to how they can best leverage ICT to deliver superior results for their schools. Even when the financial resources are available, they are often at a loss as to where to invest, and how to measure success. 

Understanding the transformative power of ICT in improving school performance and student outcomes. Description – Technology is actively disrupting our way of life and industry as we know it. The education sector has not been immune to the pace of change and technological advancement. Parents and students are demanding more from schools and it is imperative for schools to embrace the positive aspects of technological change, or get left behind. There is a vast array of education technology solutions available in the marketplace; these tools affect various aspects of the student lifecycle as well as different functions within the school. For example, teachers to can use ICT in the classroom to bring learning to life for students, give learners the tools to collaborate and to examine engaging problems, as well as research and analyze information. Administrators can leverage ICT to optimize school processes, and gain insights into school performance in a manner that drives better decision making and resource allocation. It is imperative for key stake holders realize the potential of digital technologies to enhance teaching, learning, and assessment so that our youth are prepared to compete effectively in today’s global economy.


The many benefits of Acada Plus package  are as follows:



It provides timely information on their children’s progress at school through an app.



It easily identifies struggling students and helps them prioritise support



It monitors overall school performance including teacher, students key performance indicators



It provides an insight into performance at an aggregate level to support decision- making and resource allocation


Specifically, AcadaPlus provides:

  • A low cost option for collecting data on enrollment, attendance, and performance
  • Paperless record keeping thereby reducing cost on paper
  • Easy retrieval of student’s records online
  • A central, digital repository for academic, administrative, and demographic data
  • Secure, role based access to data anywhere, anytime, on any device
  • Performance reporting to track progress against set goals
  • Analytics to drive decision making and resource allocation
  • Central communication portal for teachers, parents, and students
  • Cost savings on printing and administrative overhead

Engage QAARDAN Educational Foundation and Upgrade your school to a 21st Century Model School.