The Quality Assurance was established 2003 out of a concern to align educational reforms in Nigeria with developments taking place elsewhere with the ultimate goal of integrating quality into educational provisions and attainment.


For the past fourteen years, we have been actively involved in the training of teachers and students alike. Many schools across the nation have been beneficiaries of our training programmes in the areas such as Curriculum Development, Teaching Methodology, Leadership Effectiveness, Professionalism and Career Orientation.

 We would like to seize this opportunity to invite you for our QA conference in places such as the United States of America (USA) , United Kingdom etc  . QA is an acronym for Quality Assurance. It is a conference which is designed for Vice-Chancellors ,Directors of quality assurance and Lecturers .It is a conference organised yearly and has been well attended. The workshop will be facilitated by seasoned speakers and it will involve highly interactive sessions. 


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