Shell Nigeria PLC “Scinergy” – New Professionals Network, Shell Nigeria. 

Qaardan developed instructional materials, delivered training and career orientation for target audience of “Scinergy” – New Professionals Network, Shell Nigeria.

Chevron Corporation

Qaardan has developed a training manual, teaching slides for peer educators on HIV/AIDS awareness. 


As part of the ICASA 2006 workshop, Qaardan was contracted by UNIFEM to facilitate the Youth’s session on HIV/AIDS.

International Organization for Migration (IOM)

Qaardan was contracted by IOM to address the needs of Shelter Staff working with victims of trafficking. As part of the contract, we co-ordinated the development of modules for training of shelter staff in interpersonal skills, communication skills and people’s skills.

Lagos Business School 

Qaardan has trained the hospitality staff of Lagos Business School in social skills. 

Army Barracks, Bonny Camp

Qaardan has trained women in managing psychological healthcare and people’s skills.

Peer educator – train the trainer

Qaardan has developed manuals on knowledge, skills and personal attributes of a peer educator for young professionals groups, non-governmental organization. These include reading materials and games that introduce and foster the concept of peer education.


Primary, Secondary and A-Level Colleges


Fr. Dr. John OkoriaIbhakewalan

Principal and President Loyal Jesuit College Abuja Head teacher, Riverbank School, Victoria Island. Now Principal of Loyal Jesuit College, Port Harcourt.                  

Distinction Candidate of QAARDAN Cohort 1 PGCEI        

Continued and obtained a PhD from the University of Nottingham                                           

Mrs Regina Jemide

Merit Candidate of QAARDAN Cohort  6 PGCEI

Progressed to a Masters, University of Nottingham

Maryann Maduekwe – Headteacher, Lekki British International School, Lagos at

the Special Education Workshop organised by QAARDAN in Collaboration with St Norbert’s College Green Bay Wisconsin  and Howard Suamico District, Green Bay Wisconsin, USA.

Professor Sophia Aguirre from the Catholic University of America in Nigeria to assess the impact of QAARDAN in public schools in Nigeria.

88 pilgrims  visited Lourdes, Madrid and Rome in a trip organised by Qaardan 

Peaklane Schools, Akute, Cuddly Kids School Festac, Notra Dame College, Enugu and Citadel Schools Enugu at the QAARDAN Summer Camp.


TEPA Canada – Nigerian Teachers /Proprietor  (Heather Momoh, Nonye Ngonadi, Ijeoma Okafor)

At  Hawthorn School, Toronto, Ontario.

Teachers /headteachers of Chrisland Schools, British International School, Lagos, Whitesands School, Lekki; Grange  Schools, Ikeja, Green Springs, School Anthony  and Meadowhall Schools at Tepa  UK organised by Qaardan in collaboration with the British Accreditation Council and Cambridge International Educators., UK.