QAARDAN UK LIMITED is an educational quality assurance organisation registered and established out of a concern to align educational reforms with developments taking place elsewhere with the ultimate goal of integrating quality into educational provisions and attainment.

Our Mission is to ensure that quality remains a critical differentiator in all our Educational provisions.

Our Vision is to remain the best quality assurance and impact investing company in Education.

We want to be actively involved in the quality of teachers training and quality of students learning alike. We feel that if we can groom the best teachers that can produce the best pupils then we would produce a mechanism that sixth form colleges and their teachers all over the country could emulate. So basically our aim is to have a dynamic and evolving training centre for teachers and for sixth form pupils.

The government is also giving more priority to quality assurance and competition in education is also creating a huge demand for quality assurance.

Our organisation addresses teacher development, gaps in quality assurance and also the problems associated with quality of skilled sixth form students who can compete equally with their peers. We have seen that many teachers still use the methods that were valid in the 70s and 80s in the classroom without considering implications that certain principles of learning can have in the classroom. Similarly there has been a huge concern about the quality of secondary school leavers. We wish to address these and create a tried and tested model that schools and the government can simulate.

We appreciate the spirit of achievement in all our teachers and students in order to realize their full potentials.

I look forward to a greater future in our educational system.

Dr Theresa Okafor (Phd)