2018 Qaardan Teacher Talent Show Regional Competitions.

Our teacher Talent show organised to motivate, reward and upskill teachers was successfully completed in Nigerian three states, Lagos, Enugu and Kaduna. We are appreciative of our contestants who gave amazing presentations and our attendees who participated and supported the contestants. Please see below for more details on the state competitions.

The winners from each state will contest in the grand finale later this year in September for the grand prizes.


LAGOS STATE COMPEITITON – Tuesday February 20, 2018:

Onyinye Madumere of Bridging Gaps School, Lekki, Lagos Emerged the winner – unopposed – in the Lagos Teacher Talent Show. Onyinye used her creative skill in Animation to develop an audio – visual to teach pre-schoolers to spell numbers from zero to a million using mnemonics and storylines. Her engaging storylines include, safety precautions such as dangers of talking to strangers, playing with sharp objects and walking around on bare feet.

An example: For the story line of number 6 – “If you don’t wear a pair of shoes or slippers, you get injured which will lead to getting a tetanus injection. You can be sure to see stars as you receive the shots from the doctor, nicely put, she telsl them that it will make them cry x, x, x.” When you put together the first sound in 6 which is ‘S’, the First sound in injection, ‘I’ and the ‘X’ Cry, it spells the number SIX.

Onyinye’s ingenious method is also designed to teach special needs kids and has worked successfully.  She has gone on to train other teachers in the technique. This was an awe inspiring presentation. 



ENUGU STATE COMPEITITON – Friday February 23, 2018 – Saturday February 24, 2018:

The Enugu competition was the second state competition which was held in 2 days as we had lots of impressive teachers from the South –East region of Nigeria, participate in the compeititon. The following 20 teachers participated in the competition:

  1. Abugu Josephine Chinyere
  2. Chigbu Blessing
  3. Elijah Eshiet
  4. Ayogu Grace Chinyere
  5. Igwegbe Mercy Chidinma
  6. Peace Success Iheme
  7. Ehilegbu Anthonia Ihuoma
  8. Arinze Deborah Chinyere
  9. Ene Edith Chinwendu
  10. Enengwu Chineme Eunice
  11. Onoh Edna Nkemdirim
  12. Ohobu Juliana Ejuma
  13. Eneh Paul Chukwuemeka
  14. Odira-Ibe Ngozika
  15. Okongwu Appolonia Ngozi
  16. Onyia Esther Ifeyinwa
  17. Faith Ego Otti
  18. Obinna Aliozor
  19. Ejibeofor Daniel Chimchetaram
  20. Ijenwagu, Anthonia Ebere


Taught Chemistry. Topic: Introduction to Chemistry. The students in focus are in SS1. His objectives were to introduce, motivate and arouse students’ interest in the subject. He also defined Chemistry, Matter and the importance of Chemistry.


Taught jolly phonics with focus on the letter sound “r”. Pupils were told a story and she led them to identify the frequent sound “r”. She also guided pupils to blend sounds to form words and to count number of sounds involved e.g. rat, rip, ran, rest etc.

She used the pupils book1, flash cards and pictures as teaching aid.


Taught Geography with topic: How a volcano erupts.

She defined a volcano and listed the types. She talked about extinct and dormant volcanoes. Emphasis was also made on “magma” and “lava” with a song. There was a practical session to illustrate how volcano erupts using flat plate, water, colour sodium bicarbonate, newspaper and masking tape.


First Position:  Ejibeofor Daniel Chimchetaram – Air Force Comprehensive School, Agbani, Enugu

Second Position:  Onyia Esther Ifeyinwa – Ugbo-Odogwu Primary School Phase Vi Enugu-East

Third Position: Faith Ego Otti – Ark Academy, Kalio Estate, Elelenwo, Port Harcourt


KADUNA STATE COMPEITITON – Thursday March 1, 2018

For all the details on the Kaduna competition, please head on over to our Kaduna partner’s website following the link below:



We can’t wait for the grand finale, The Teacher Talent Show National Competition and Workshop  in September! More info to come!