QAARDAN Educational Foundation has opened  Sixth form classes in  Enugu.  It prepares students who have graduated from secondary school for A’ levels, TOEFL, SATS, IELTS (and remedial O’levels and JAMB where applicable) . Our sixth form college enables your children get direct entry into highly rated Universities both in Nigeria and abroad .We also facilitate the opportunity for the students to study anywhere abroad.

QAARDAN has been training teachers on the quality of teaching and student learning both home and abroad for 25 years now it is the time for our students.

We empower our students to lead. All our students will get the support they need to excel in their future career – If they want to be a lawyer, we will get them to The Hague, if they want international relations, we will get them to the United Nations. If they want to be a doctor we will get them to intern in a hospital, if they want to teach we will get them to shadow a teacher and practice. If it is business, they will meet the high flyers in the business world.

 They will receive the right career counselling to ensure that they are well aligned in their chosen field.

When our students go to university we will follow up their progress because we want to put them on the display for all to see. 

The A’ Level programme which lasts one year and starts in September 2017. It will give them a competitive edge among their peers.

Highlights of the Accelerated One-Year Sixth Form College

  1. Gain Direct Entry (2nd Year) into a University

Upon completion and obtaining anA ‘Level subject based qualification or the IGCSE, the student will be admitted into a University by Direct Entry (2nd Year). This student is likely to excel in the University because she is better prepared for it. Also she will be less vulnerable to all the success thieves that afflict young people when they go to university.

  1. Adequate preparation for academic writing

Students who do the sixth form will attain the maturity and skills required for academic work in the university. As such they can think creatively and will be less prone to plagiarism and other academic offences.  

  1. Career alignment and what comes after

    The students who attend the sixth form will be better prepared for their chosen career through an intensive career orientation programme. We will make sure that their interests; ability and preferences are well aligned with their career choice and with what holds out a future prospect for them. The problem we see in the Nigerian market today is that many people graduate and saturate the job market and so they end up dependent and frustrated.  

  2. Character building, leadership and entrepreneurial skills

    The students will be trained in leadership, entrepreneurship and character. They will be equipped with the ability to be leaders, have discretionary skills and gain practical experience as a result of the relationship we will broker with experts and industries in their chosen field both home and abroad.   
  3. Pilot Students

    We have been in teacher development and quality assurance for so many years now. These students will represent our pilot students whom we will showcase as evidence of our transformational teaching and learning outcomes. Even when the students leave our sixth form college we will mentor them at University to ensure that they come out with top grades and awards in their chosen career. 

  4. Students’ placement

    Upon completion of the Sixth form, we will place these students in our collaborating educational institutions both home and abroad and/or in a university of their own choice and then the follow-up begins from there.

Address: Plot H/5 G.H.Ugwuanyi Street, near SARS , Golf Estate , GRA Enugu close to Penny hill hotel.

For more details please call 08099634075, 07030641705 , 08068386689