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This is a yearly workshop held in the UK and US. It offers a variety of activities aimed at improving teaching methods in individual teachers and the overall quality of education in schools. 


This is a part–time distance learning programme run by the University of Nottingham that offers professional enrichment to teachers working in countries other than the UK.

Etiquette PROGRAM

The aim of the workshop was to help the teacher understand the impact and significance of their roles in the lives of their students.

English Language Workshops

These workshops generally aim at enabling teachers to understand the integrated practical skills approach to teaching the English Language. They also get to know how to design learning objectives for lesson plans and class activities.

Overseas Summer Camps

This is a yearly educational and entertainment package whereby students acquire leadership skills, personal grooming and cultural appreciation through interaction with fellow students from different cultural background.

Students Career Orientation

A career is all the productive work, paid and unpaid, performed throughout a person’s lifetime. Career Education provides students with opportunities to learn about their interests, to become aware and appreciate a range of careers


In 2007, QAARDAN organized a National Mathematics workshop aimed at exciting teachers who would in turn excite their pupils about Mathematics by exposing them to interesting and challenging problems and interesting math people

Quality Assurance in Higher Education

There is a significant growth in number of higher education providers comprising public, private, technology mediated delivery, cross-sectoral arrangements, transnational and multinational deliveries accredited work-based learning etc

Training in HIV/AIDS

These series, which are medically researched, confront the problems young people and the vulnerable have in understanding medical facts necessary to enable them make the right and safe choices in life.